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The first and the original Steve Alexander blue water speargun trigger mechanism. Extra heavy duty 3..
Three Steve Alexander originally hand crafted spearguns by the grand master of blue water speargun c..
This Steve Alexander cast alloy handle is made from air craft grade aluminum. Hard anodized Cast 356..
Flush mounted, hard-anodized alloy muzzle, which protects the end of the spear track from accidental..
I only use Alexander break-away spear tips.
- Terry Maas - Author & Pioneer Blue Water Hunting and Freediving
I just received my first shipment of Alexander trigger mechs and handles from Maverick America. I am excited about getting these components installed in my upcoming builds. The polished trigger has a silky smooth feel. Absent of hard edges it resides in a solid, over-built, thick 316 stainless housing that looks like it could survive a beating from a 10 pound sledge-hammer. The anodized aluminum handle is rugged, has clean lines, and feels comfortable in the hand. If you are looking for high quality reliable speargun components that are made in the USA and come with a lifetime warranty, look no further.
- Dean McCormick - DM Spearguns
Looking down from the surface, I saw a black marlin chasing a tuna. I grunted in exhilaration and immediately I dove down with my Steve Alexander gun and took aim. After 12 years of hunting with this gun, I was confident in its strength and accuracy. The breakaway tips are finely tuned and I knew it would properly detach even if the shot went into the spine. Luckily just that happened. The fish was much larger than I thought and when I shot from above the fish, the tip lodged against the spine. What could have been an hours long fight was reduced to only 30 minutes.
- Andy Ansin - President IUSA
I finally got my hands on my very own Maverick American 60” hybrid gun. After waiting almost a year to get one saying I was excited to shoot it was an understatement. When I got the gun from Mark I immediately put 3 16mm bands and an 8mm shaft on it rigged for break away. I received the gun two days before the Wrightsville beach spearfishing tournament so I had high hopes for this guns first dive trip. On the second day of the tournament was the day I was finally going to be able to use my new gun. We were going to the gulf stream to look for wahoo and I couldn’t help but think what an amazing way to break in the gun than with some wahoo. We got to our spot 60 miles offshore on an overcast day. As we were suiting up I looked to my left and floating about 50 yards from the boat was a massive log. The race to get in the water first began. I was the second one to hop in the water and was met with a wall of wahoo in front of me. I was in shock! I calmed myself and began to load my new gun. Wahoo were circling me and I made my first dive after being in the water for only about 30 second. 15 Seconds later I had a 50lb wahoo in my sights and pulled the trigger from about 15ft away. I through shafted the fish which made the battle much much easier. After about 10 minutes I had my first wahoo ever in my hands and couldn’t believe it. Wahoo continued to circle us for about 2 hours and at the end of the day my first three trigger pulls with the Maverick American 60” hybrid was my first three wahoo. That gun will stay in my quiver for the rest of my life.
- Luca Della Santa
Ive been spearfishing for over 20 years in various areas on the east coast and haven’t found a more well balanced gun than the Yokooji hybrid. This gun is ready to go out of the box. Very easy to maneuver compared to a bulky wood gun yet has the feel. Nearly zero recoil allows for a very accurate shot. Max this gun out with a Steve Alexander slip tip… just deadly. Close shots inshore or need a little range for pelagics this is the gun for you. I haven’t been happier with a gun Ive purchased. Safe and fun diving
- Alex Wazlak III