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ACTION SPEAKS LOUDER THAN WORDS. My experience spearfishing is 25 years. My father taught me this fun pastime as a little boy. During my life of freediving and spearfishing I learned that I am still a student of the sea. I’ve been granted 11 world records for spearfishing. I have become friends and gotten to know the best spearfisherman in the world in the process: Terry Maas, Cameron Kirkconnell, Andy Ansin, Hall Press, the late Rene Rojas and many others whom have left their mark on the sport of blue water hunting & spearfishing. They all share a trait and common: they’re extremely picky and conscientious about their gear and their spearguns. They won’t sleep at night knowing something isn’t just right before a trip the next day.

In 2016 I purchased Steve Alexander Spearguns, inventor of the Enclosed Track system. Steve also produced the original trigger mechanism parts for well-known RIFFE but more importantly he set the bench mark for precision component standards that should last a lifetime and are Made in the USA.

Steve’s parts are the foundation of a speargun. Despite what people use, a reverse trigger, forward trigger, or a push rod system, the trigger mechanism has to withstand 300% of normal load and be safe, reliable, and easy to the pull. Steve’s trigger mechanism design hasn’t changed in 25 years because it is virtually indestructible, beautiful, and requires 1500lbs of tension before it fails. Therefore it is the most expensive mechanism on the market. Each one is cast in stainless 316 or 17-4Ph, then is machined to precision standards, using special alloy Monel rivets, and finally polished.

I use the trigger mechanism as an example because to me it’s the heart of the speargun. Nothing else matters if it doesn’t connect the diver’s finger to release the spearshaft and hit the fish.

In 2018 we will start a small reproduction of his legendary Enclosed Track Blue Water speargun. This gun has landed more world record large game than any gun in the history of the sport. We will not change its design, concept, or material choices, Maverick Spearguns will produce it one by one in a small machine shop, just like Steve did, here in North Carolina to precision American standards.

Thank you for visiting my website and for not compromising on your speargun and speargun components. Everything we make here is designed to last you a lifetime.

Clear waters,

Mark Laboccetta

Maverick American Spearguns