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Breakaway Eyelet

The breakaway eyelet is typically recessed into the rear of the gun stock on the side away from the ..


Cable Keeper

Delrin friction device for keeping slip tips in place on the spear shaft while hunting...


Line Wrap "U" Wire

The line wrap post is a “U” shaped piece of 1/8” stainless rod that is inserted into angle holes in ..


Maverick American Arch Wishbones with Balls

1/8” dia. (3.2mm) 17-4 spring stainless steel wire with 316 stainless ball ends. Bent and heat treat..


Slip Tip

Original Steve Alexander Design.  “This tip was designed to surpass all other slip tips in acc..


Slip Tip Cable & Slide Ring

MA1242A Slip tip cable 3/32" x 18" with ¼" pressed ball MA..


Steve Alexander Enclosed Track Muzzle

Flush mounted, hard-anodized alloy muzzle, which protects the end of the spear track from accidental..


Steve Alexander Handle

This Steve Alexander cast alloy handle is made from air craft grade aluminum. Hard anodized Cast 356..


Steve Alexander Trigger Mechanism

The first and the original Steve Alexander blue water speargun trigger mechanism. Extra heavy duty 3..


Swivels and Tuna Clips

MABX57C         Snap Swivel 300lb TestMABX57P    ..