Slip Tip

New Slip Tip

Original Steve Alexander Design.  “This tip was designed to surpass all other slip tips in accuracy, drag reduction, and especially toggling in the fish. These advantages result in hitting and landing more fish and at greater distances”

-  Steve Alexander

  • Reduced drag for better distance and accuracy
  • Increased cable diameter to reduce tearing out of fish
  • Assembly minimum rating of 550lb test strength
  • The “cam action” of the adapter “pops” the tip off the adapter to toggle quickly inside the fish

NOTE: Tips are all hand match-fit to their adapters within thousands of an inch and therefore sold in sets. DO NOT MIX TIPS AND ADAPTERS!

LIFETIME WARRANTY (excludes cable)



Steve Alexander Tuna Tip 5" Cable w/rotary ball


Steve Alexander Tuna Tip 5" Cable w/rotary ball Tri-cut


Steve Alexander Tuna Tip 5" Spectra


Toggler Tuna Tip w/Spectra


Slip tip cable 3/32" x 18" with ¼" pressed ball


Slip Tip cable ¼" x 18" with 3/16" pressed ball


Maverick American Double Barrel Slide Ring 5/16"


MA1243E Low profile Toggler Tuna Tip 5/16" body comes with Spectra and 5/16" shaft slide ring. 17-4PH heat treated and polished to a mirror shine.  Low profile makes it more ideal for thinner shafts like 5/16" and 9/32" threaded shafts. M6 Thread.

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