Steve Alexander Signature Convertible Tuna Gun

Steve Alexander Signature Convertible Tuna Gun

Three Steve Alexander originally hand crafted spearguns by the grand master of blue water speargun craftsmen Steve Alexander. These are the last Convertible Tuna Guns made by Steve.



69" length

Extended range (30'+) for large Tuna


Age cured Teak wood stock


Hard setting, Tung Oil Waterproof finish


Enclosed spear track (3/8")


Removable, Internally weighted side stocks


Cast alloy muzzle and handgrip with hard anodized protective finish

Line Release

Under-stock line release mechanism


Rear-set, all stainless steel, trigger mechanism



Weight without Spear (positive buoyancy)


Recommended spear diameter and length

3/8” x 72”-74”

Recommended Band rubber

9/16” x 37” cut-length, hi-modulus

Shooting line

500# Jinkai monofilament or #500 coated stainless cable


All guns can be ordered with coated or un-coated, 7x19 strand. 1/ 16" SS cable and up graded power band rubber at additional cost. Please specify slide ring or fin-attached shooting-lines on gun orders



Alexa n d e r spearguns, e sp ec i a l l y t h e Tu n a g u n, i n cor po ra t e m a n y u n i q u e f ea t u r es a n d p r o ce sse s  t o assure t ha t t h ey are t h e best spear g uns commercially av a ilab le. Nota b le f eat ur es i nc l ud e:


TAPERED/LA MIN ATED TEAK STOCK - is heavy sectioned at the middle for necessary rigidity tapering down toward the muzzle for low swing resistance in the water.


PREC IS I ON M ILLED BLANKS - are not   planed, b u t milled on precision metal -work in g milling machines. Before gluing, the blank halves are machined flat with a course finish for good glue adhesion.


The SEMI-ENCLOSED TRACK - encloses the spear and prevents it from bowing during acceleration when using very high power-band loads, thus extending the range of the spear without losing accuracy. The enclosed track eliminates the need f o r other hardware or line wrapping methods f or holding the spear d own on the gun.


THE M UZZLE CAP- is "hard -anodized", 356 alloy for strength and corrosion resistance. Its purpose is to protect the end of the spear track from damage and allows the slot f or the rubber slings to be positioned as close to the spear track plane as possible. The distance between them is less than 1/8" (3mm). This hi g h positioning of the slot reduces vertical recoil or "kick -up" when firing, thus improving accuracy. Fits up to 6 bands.


THE HEAVY DUTY TR I GGER M ECHAN I SM- is a modular design with all stainless steel components. Precise trigger geometry ensures extremely light and smooth trigger re l ease while capable of safely holding rubber loading of over 800   pounds.  This is the strongest and safes t mechanism available and is commonly retro-fitted in to many types of spear guns.


DUAL PURPOSE CAPABILITY- is achieved with the removable weighted side-stocks which increases the weight and displacement of the gun. The added weight suppresses recoil when using more than 400 pounds of sling tension and allows more of the rubber energy to go into accelerating the spear.  The added displacement of the side-stocks or floats compensates for the added weight to maintain buoyancy and balance.


THE UNDER -STOCK LINE RELEASE - provides an out -of-the-way location for the shooting-line and will not bind the trigger action since release is actuated by the spear itself.  The combination of a thick -sectioned laminated stock, enclosed track, plus increased weight and floatation allows the use of up to 600 pounds of band pull without excessive flexing or recoil and provides an effective range of over 30 feet with a high degree of accuracy.

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Steve Alexander Convertible Tuna Gun
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