Steve Alexander Trigger Mechanism

New Steve Alexander Trigger Mechanism

The first and the original Steve Alexander blue water speargun trigger mechanism. Extra heavy duty 316 Stainless with large 5/32” (4mm) Monel Flush Rivets.The Alexander trigger mechanism is a modular design made entirely from 316 Stainless Steel; the most corrosion resistant of the stainless alloys. This mechanism is unsurpassed for strength, durability, ease of installation and smoothness of operation. It always has a light, short trigger-pull with even the highest power band tension loads used on today’s spearguns. This unit is very adaptable and is used by several other manufacturers of spearguns. It can be mounted with two 3/16” screws or stainless dowel pins and is slotted for either a left or rights ideline release catch lever. This unit has a LIFETIME GUARANTEE not to corrode, break or wear out in normal use.

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